About NoRulesForGreen / NRFG

The will to put youth in the spotlight.

The aim is to offer young people the possibility to learn more about the scary issues that are threatening our future, to give them the strength to keep hope, and why not to invest a bit of their time to fight. All of that by providing them the inspiring stories of engaged young people, that have thrown themselves in projects aiming at protecting our planet and improving our lives.

What this is about.

You will find articles, images, and many more contents related to the current environmental, social and societal issues we must face. The goal is to put inspired and inspiring young people in the spotlight, to ultimately inspire other young people that have difficulties throwing themselves into projects. Using the power of words, whether spoken or written, is here the key.

By the way, my name is Suzie.

I am a 21-year-old French student in political sciences. This year is pretty specific: after having spent a semester studying in a Canadian university, I am currently in the Slovene capital city, Ljubljana, to do an internship.  As I am getting specialized in environmental issues, I work with the association Focus (focus.si), one of the most influent in Slovenia, until July 2023. The perfect occasion for me to throw myself in a personal projectNoRulesForGreen.